Vibration proof, modular aluminium framing

MAYTEC is a name synonymous with the world’s broadest range of aluminium structural profiles and fittings. The unique sizes and shapes within the range not only offer the widest choice of design options to any potential construction, but also enhance the structural integrity and final appearance of any frame or special component built with MayTec.
For the past two years MayTec Aluminium Profile has been stocked and sold in New Zealand by Autoline Industrial in Wellington. Autoline has been involved in modular framing, pneumatics and industrial automation in New Zealand since 1985 and saw a widespread need for a vibration proof aluminium framing system.
An inherent problem with aluminium framing has been the tendency to vibrate loose over time. MayTec is vibration proof – and that’s why Autoline jumped at the opportunity when the New Zealand agency was offered.
Since launching its Aluminium Profile System from Germany into Australasia some nine years ago, MayTec has worked hard to set up a network of distribution outlets capable of handling product support, supply and development.
The initial hard work to launch the system is now paying off as the MayTec product line is finding its way into a broader range of building applications than ever before. As the customer base develops a better understanding of the MayTec system the company is seeing application opportunities that were previously the domain of timber, steel and other standard structural materials.
The high quality alloy developed by MayTec offers unsurpassed strength and a high quality of surface finish. Combining that with a world patented connection system and vigorous product line development makes MayTec a name to be considered whenever frame structures or conveyors are proposed.
The website allows you to export 3D drawings of the profiles to your CAD program.
Autoline offers a cut and mill service and can supply frames ‘knocked-down’ or ‘assembled’.
Whatever the framing requirement is – machine building, machine guarding, work stations, trolleys, partitions and walls, work cabins, special shelves, plant equipment, display systems, exhibition stands – MayTec can provide the answer.

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